Placement Area: PARE Hospital - Test Ward
Placement Dates: 12th Nov 2021     26th Nov 2021

* If any of your placement details are incorrect please contact your university placement office

* Your evaluation is not anonymous, your feedback will be made available to certain academic staff at your University and senior staff at this placement.


Question 1

Sufficient preparatory information prior to my placement(s) was available?

Question 2

I received an orientation to the staff and working practices, policies and procedures?

Question 3

I received basic safety induction within my first 24 hours of placement?

Question 4

My Clinical Educator was identified prior to being on placement?

Question 5

My supernumerary status was upheld?
(Not belonging to the workforce numbers but actively engaged in care delivery)

Question 6

Practice learning opportunities were identified and relevant to my current stage in the programme of study?

Question 7

My learning needs were recognised and help was offered with attainment of outcomes, action plans, and goals?

Question 8

I was encouraged to undertake a range of learning activities relevant to my stage in the programme of study?

Question 9

I was able to achieve my placement learning outcomes?

Question 10

I had the opportunity to engage with members of the multidisciplinary team, and participate in the delivery of care to Service Users via 'care pathways'?

Question 11

I was able to learn with and from Service Users and Carers where applicable and appropriate?

Question 12

I was able to learn with students/trainees from different professions where applicable to care pathways?

Question 13

I was given my shifts/hours of work for the first week before my placement began?

Question 14

I knew who to contact if I had any safety issues (i.e. personal safety, patient/Service User safety or safety of other staff in placement) or other concerns regarding placement experiences at all times?

Question 15

I felt able to raise concerns regarding standards of care if/where required?

Question 16

I was encouraged to promote dignity and respect for the diversity of culture and values of Service Users and carers?

Question 17

My placement enabled me to learn from team working and care delivery consistent with core NHS values and behaviours?

Question 18

Should a loved one require care, I would be happy for them to be cared for within this placement area?