Placement Area: PARE Hospital - Test Ward
Placement Dates: 12th Nov 2021     26th Nov 2021

* If any of your placement details are incorrect please contact your university placement office

* Your evaluation is not anonymous, your feedback will be made available to certain academic staff at your University and senior staff at this placement.


Question 1

My practice assessment interviews were conducted at the required times during my placement (i.e. preliminary, mid-way and final point)?

Question 2

All sections of my Practice Assessment Documentation were completed accurately and timely?

Question 3

I received regular and timely feedback on my performance throughout my placement?

Question 4

I received constructive verbal and written feedback on my performance throughout my placement?

Question 5

I received feedback from other members of the Multidisciplinary team where applicable?

Question 6

I received feedback from Service Users / Carers where applicable and appropriate?

Question 7

I was supported and encouraged to work within my personal and professional scope of practice relevant to my current stage in the programme of study?

Question 8

I felt supported throughout my placement by my PEF, Clinical Educator and Academic Link in Practice?

Question 9

Staff were keen to facilitate and supervise my learning activities?

Question 10

My learning experiences with other members of the multidisciplinary team were guided by my Clinical Educator?